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Make dream themes a reality with foliated shapes

When a woman dresses up, she needs accessories in terms of jewelry for complimenting her beauty.  Similarly, outdoor landscaping designs need ornamentation with the use of correct decor items, for attracting visitors into your luxurious properties. You have a lot of scope for designing according to a particular theme for your outdoor landscapes, with the help of an outdoor landscape designer or architect.

Installing topiaries, hedges or tiles by trimming a variety of different species of trees and shrubs can add to an all-new look for your exterior landscapes. But it is not always possible to create these landscaping beauties with live trees, owing to maintenance problems. Installing artificial boxwood hedge, faux boxwood mat or fake boxwood panels can solve your problem. These replica of the original botanical beauties are so realistic in their appearance that no one visiting your commercial property can ever know.

Where will you get these artificial hedges or boxwood mats for your desired landscaping ideas?

Permaleaf is the company who excels in manufacturing the best quality and most realistic looking artificial landscaping products for both indoors and outdoors. The company has spent over 30 years in crafting the most life-like foliage in various varieties like artificial boxwood mats, fake hedge fence, faux boxwood tiles and any shapes of topiaries.

If you have appointed a professional designer or architect, the company can serve you with whatever need you have regarding artificial landscaping items. If you require, the company has hired the best team of professionals, comprising of landscape architects, graphic designers and even botanists for helping you out with your entire designing. Their designs are sure to impress you and anyone paying a visit to the commercial property for which the exterior landscape is being designed.

All you have to do is visit their official website, and contact them for discussing your needs related to exterior landscape designing. Artificial hedge wall, boxwood mat foliage or animal topiary, anything can be added to your landscapes and the entire installation of these products will be executed by them.

Why should you opt for artificial foliated decor items instead of live trees or plants?

Cost effective, maintenance free and uniqueness, is what everyone asks for in decor items related to the huge exterior property of any shopping malls, hospitals or any huge corporate offices. The faux landscaping items available in Permaleaf collection like fake hedges or boxwood wall provides these advantages over the live natural ones. The other advantages are explained below:

  • Fake tree foliages require no particular weather conditions and it is extremely durable, while the real one needs specific conditions for its survival.
  • Faux trees and plants require no trimming and shaping for maintaining its desired look amidst the exterior landscapes. But the real one needs them.
  • No watering or sunlight is required for artificial botanical products, but the natural tree or plant cannot survive without both.
  • The non-living tree and plant foliage in various shapes can retain its appearance and stay fresh for an entire lifetime. But the live one may decay or die anytime.
  • No attraction of insects or bacteria can happen with the lifeless trees or plants, but pesticides and fertilizers will require your regular monetary investment for your live tree’s existence.artificial hedge screening

What can you find in the exclusive collection of  Permaleaf?

Permaleaf is an extremely renowned brand in the market and is very much popular amongst all leading landscape architects and designers. Exterior landscaping is the most difficult part, as it has to be something which can strike an instant connection with the customers visiting your commercial property like five-star hotels or luxurious malls. The products from Permaleaf looks so real that it impresses everyone on the very first look.

Their artificial hedge screening can cover up anything beautifully which might create a distraction in your landscape. These beautifying products like artificial hedges for outdoors, are made of high-quality silk. No compromise is ever made in its crafting, and it is always made sure that the products are 100% safe from all aspects.

Benefits you can achieve from the fake botanical products from Permaleaf.

Mesmerize the onlookers, create an environment which is aesthetically appealing by using the artificial foliated products from Permaleaf. The various benefits and features provided by this product are as follows:

  • No amount of color fading can ever happen to this faux replica of the original foliages, because of the technology used in its manufacturing by brushing them with chemicals.
  • The products are completely safe from any hazards related to the fire. Chemicals are impregnated into their surface which makes them fire retardant.
  • The chemicals used on the surface of these products like fake boxwood hedges or faux hedge privacy screen are totally non-toxic. Hence, can be used in decorating restaurants with outdoor sitting arrangement.
  • The botanical beauty through artificial can be installed with some budget investment as it requires almost no maintenance. Only a bit of dusting and washing once in awhile makes it extremely cost effective.

Variety of artificial foliated shapes from Permaleaf

If you are interested in designing the exterior landscape for rooftops, balconies or the garden area based on a particular theme, or you want the professionals from Permaleaf to take care of your needs in designing, then you have a lot of options in products to choose from.

The varieties they provide are window boxes, artificial hedge privacy screen, living walls, hanging baskets, various flowers, trees, and plant containers. Contact the company people and you can customize each and every product based on your requirements for a particular design. After you decide, place the order, and the company will be very happy to help you with the installation of these lightweight products.


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