The exterior landscaping heartthrobs – Window Boxes for your offices


The ambiance of an office plays an important role in the productivity of the staff. When plants surround you, or when there is a zest of green in your premises, the overall mood, and productivity of the office will be enhanced. Window boxes will help you to attain a green presence at your office without hurting the overall official looks and professional design of your office.

Advantages of having window boxes on your premises

  • Window boxes will compliment the formal and vocational spaces
  • They will lighten up the stressful ambiance of a functional office
  • They will save space to set up interior landscaping or plant arrangements
  • They will brighten up the windows and will bring a fresh look to the areas.

The uses are not just limited to residential spaces

Window boxes with beautiful plants are amazing. If you think its uses are confined to apartments or residential plots, you are wrong! A window box can do magic in your work space. It can help you to enhance the look and feel off your office. If an artificial boxwood hedge accompanies these window boxes, then it’s beyond words. Yes, all these without any further changes in the design or architecture of the office space.

They can be placed at any windows despite their model

A window box can be put in any window at your office. Despite the size or shape of the window, window boxes with artificial hedges will enhance the overall beauty of the windows, the space near them and the whole building.

Let your office be in a contemporary style or be in a traditional style, and the window boxes will fit.Traditional buildings will get a more attractive look with these window boxes. And if you think window boxes will not work with contemporary, then here is the pearl! It will enhance the features of the building with the box shape and the fair, and square architectural model of the modern style will sink completely with the design of the box. It will be a great add-on to your spaces with artificial boxwood mat and fake boxwood hedge.

Earn some extra pennies with window boxes

You may not believe that a single window box can do wonders to the overall beauty of your premises. It will make you space more welcoming. The fresh green presence of the plants in the box will give a comfortable feel to the clients and staff. You will certainly know what a pleasant ambiance can bring you. It might be bulks of new orders or some extra pennies for your next holiday.

Let the colors with these boxes speak for you

When using the window boxes at your office, all you have to note is the color of the box and the plant selection. Windows which are too high from the ground can be planted with hanging plants and windows on the ground level can be planted with small shrubs that bloom despite the season. If you could place a fake hedge, boxwood mats, and square boxwood wreath, then no one can beat the beauty of your premises.

Cherish these beautiful add-nos for a lifetime

The boxes can be of any size, and so it will fit any windows. They are highly resistant to natural agents, and so it can afford the moisture or sunlight. It can hold the plants with ultimate grace and can admire your premises in all aspects. They are having almost all features like that if your fake hedge and boxwood mats. You will be shocked when you see the change in the overall environment of the office just by placing window boxes that compliment your faux boxwood hedges.

Handle with charm, because they are going to do wonders!

The window boxes are too charming and easy to handle. They can be fixed with minimal effort, and the setting will take very less time. Isn’t it amazing to add some extra beauty to your premises with window boxes and artificial hedge screening? Even if you put a bit of effort in planting some plants, trust me, it’s worth the effort. Doesn’t it feel great when your clients adore your premises with their heart? These beautiful buildings will certainly make an impact on their perspective on you, and that will reflect on your dealings either!

Let the walls jump of joy

The impact of the window boxes can be seen in the colors of the office walls too. Let you space to be painted with dark colors or light ones, the plants on the window boxes will compliment that. If your wall is too intensely decorated with bright colors, you can place a window box of contrast color and can put the plants in it. If you premise is painted with white or light colors, then choose a complementary window box and see the tremendous change.

Stress relieving program planning? Wait a second!

The fresh tender leaves and stems peeping out from the window boxes and the fake boxwood hedges is a stunning sight to enjoy. It will act as a stress relief view to you and our colleges. Relieving stress is the first part of productive work enhancement too! A bit of greenery can change the productivity, but a window box can do much more than just adding some greenery!

Let the spaces be bright, always

Is your office space is brightly lit? Then you can use the window boxes to enhance the beauty of the light. When light from the windows falls in the plants in the boxes and then to the plants to the interior, the view is just majestic. The pleasant mood that the tables bring will be beyond comparison.




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